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Stand for Innocence 2020


Thank you for helping us raise $103,000!

SFI 2020 Film + Q&A

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“As far as my kids go, they did not have me for eight and a half years. They’re never going to get what they should’ve had, what they deserved”

Heidi Goodwin

“Losing that much time, almost 30 years, has slowed my progress that much.”

Ha’im Sharif

“My mother literally dissected in front of me, I was forced to stare, not allowed to look away. You have no idea what that does to a person.”

Donovan Allen

“WashIP changed my community by getting me home, so imagine how many good spirited people that WashIP could help come home”

Lester Griffin

“I got out, but there’s nothing for people that were wrongfully convicted… what about the guys that don’t have any family anymore”

Alan Northrop

“to have a chance to be a father was a big deal to me”

Paul Statler

“It failed me, the system failed. It’s stressful; it can tear a person apart”

Tyler Gassman

“I maintained the hope and faith because I knew that I was actually Innocent”

Robert Larson

“… No man should have suffered what I suffered… I got reality and my life back”

Xavier Van Dyke

“… that’ll be a wonderful day when we don’t need the Innocence Project anymore. I believe that they’re going to change a lot more lives.”

Jeramie Davis