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Our Board

Lester Griffin

Board Member

Lester was wrongly convicted in Clark County, Washington and served nine years of a 24-year prison sentence before being liberated with the help of the Washington Innocence Project.

While away from his children, loved ones, and friends, Lester became highly motivated to spread love, peace, and acceptance of others’ views as human beings.  He became determined to share the newfound knowledge, wisdom, and understanding with those in his community.
As a husband, father, friend, community advocator and business owner, Lester has his mind set on healing reintegrated individuals and children to find their purpose and become comfortable in their own skin. Lester was a varsity basketball coach for three years at Evergreen High School and is still actively involved in different areas of the school, which his children attended.  Lester is the Executive Director of The Foundation WA, an organization that works within disenfranchised communities across Southwest Washington to restore missing components while providing the fundamental necessities needed to create success for the often marginalized and neglected.