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Clients and Family

Re-entry is never easy, but you are not alone.

We provide social and emotional support and connect freed and exonerated clients to services and resources so you can get back on your feet and return to the life you’ve been missing. We can also help connect you with a community of others who have endured this experience who can provide a type of support and understanding that no one else can.

Founder Jackie McMurtrie hugs exoneree Donovan Allen

We partner with Healing Justice to offer peer to peer support.

Freedom after a wrongful conviction is a life-changing moment that leaves many people asking, “What’s next?” To help provide peace of mind, Healing Justice has gathered information and advice from people who have been there. Their handbook serves as a resource for people navigating their return home, including how to access practical needs, continue your personal growth and development, and seek support.

Download the Handbook